Salt Point Gin Highball Cocktail (4 Pack)

About This Item

We’ve been crafting premium canned cocktails with all-natural ingredients along the coast of Northern California since 2013. Right here to be exact: 38.0834° N, 122.7633° W. Everyone at Salt Point—all ten of us—is committed to quality ingredients and the finest of spirits. Though things can get a little foggy around here, we’re clear about this: less is more. That’s why we keep the ingredients to a minimum and prefer to sail by the stars. So whether you’re hanging with old friends or interesting strangers, Salt Point invites you to kick back and raise a can.

4 Pack, 12 oz

Not reinvented, just perfected. Our complex but easy goin’ Highball features the finest Aromatic gin, all-natural cucumber, lemon and a splash of carbonation. It’s been described as a gin drink that doesn’t taste like a gin drink. And we like that description.

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