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Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Sake 750 ml

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Located in Akita, Japan, Takashimizu Brewery prides itself on its long history of traditional sake making. The premier method of sake brewing that is used today was invented in Akita. However, as important as technique is the brewery’s location. Cold winters and mountainous terrain produce high quality, soft riverbed water at its purest state. It is here that technique and Mother Nature share a deep connection, allowing Akita to be one of the top sake-producing regions in Japan.

Pure Snow is a Junmai from Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Series, but made in the Nigori style. It is an unfiltered sake –preserving the essence of the rice. Experience round, earthy and distinctive flavors with this new item!

Tasting Notes: 

  • Nose: Melon with notes of cucumber and a hint of pear
  • Palate: Powerful flavor with distinctive texture accompanied by notes of ginger, Asian pear, and cantaloupe
  • Finish: Smooth, finishes soft-sweet to dry

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