Stolen Whiskey 750 mL

About This Item

Stolen American Whiskey begins with a mature 11-year-old whiskey. Ever insatiable, Stolen tapped into industry experts by adding a layer of artistry rooted in extracting staves from ex-whiskey barrels and toasting them in a 360-degree rotation over an oak wood fire. Turning the staves at key points during the toast allowed Stolen to capture richly nuanced flavors across the entire wood gradient, resulting in a smoky consistency for every barrel stave.

To impart these fire roasted notes into the whiskey, STOLEN employs a secondary, barrel-finishing process where “the juice” is continually analyzed for taste and nosed for aroma until it peaks in boldness resulting in an additional layer of finished flavor complexity that differentiates STOLEN Whiskey from other traditional American whiskies and bourbons.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: On the nose is a roasted coffee bouquet that enhances dark fruits and lingers through an exceptionally long finish.

Palate: On the palate, natural flavors of toasted caramel, dark molasses and smoky chocolate mingle.

Finish: Stolen Whiskey’s initial buttery mouthfeel ultimately balances out a bold and lasting finish.

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