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Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping on Orders 250+ With Code: Freeship

Tequila Baluarte Anejo (750 ml)

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It all begins in the birthplace of tequila: Jalisco, specifically in Arandas, a town in the fertile Highlands.

What makes this land so special? The fact that it is the perfect place to grow agave: the right altitude, the acid soil and the ideal climate –warm days and cold nights. And, above all, the respect we have for both the agave and the land; we are very careful
when using fertilizers and coexist peacefully with the native flora and fauna.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Color: Gold with coppery hues, crystalline denoting excellent filtration, with an excellent body.
  • Nose: a complex profile with fruity aromas and red fruits such as cherry and banana, citrus fruits such as orange which are accompanied by sweet notes such as caramel and vanilla, notes of wood such as Oak accompanied by subtle notes of chocolate.
  • Palate: extremely soft, silky in the mouth, balanced where we verify an extraordinary flavor which is made up of sweet notes such as caramel, vanilla flavor notes, notes of banana, oak and cherry.
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