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Kegerator & Jockey Box Rentals

Kegerator & Jockey Box Rentals:

At Keg N Bottle, we have the best options for enjoying fresh, cold beer on tap at parties and events in San Diego. We offer top-quality kegerators and jockey boxes for rent, so you can have cold beer, served just like a bar, for great rates.

We can also provide the kegs to go with them (we have 100s of types for you to choose from, including popular local craft beers) and even service/maintenance if you have a kegerator already.

All-Inclusive Party Services

All-Inclusive Party Services:

If you’re having a party or event in San Diego, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Keg N Bottle - your one stop shop for beverage, bartending and catering, kegerator and jockey box rentals, kegerator installation and maintenance, commerical grade kegerators, and more.

We offer an incredible selection of kegs, wines, spirits. Our goal: To make it easy to have the best party or event by getting all your food and drink needs handled in one place. Pick and choose what beverages, equipment rentals and/or catering services you need and we’ll be at your service!

Beverage Catering

Beverage Catering:

As an efficient, mobile bartending service in San Diego, Keg N Bottle is more than capable of coming to wherever you are and accomodating your beverage catering and bartending needs. With top-of-the-line equipment and experienced staff offering professional, friendly bartending, we’re able to create the best experience for you and your guests.

We will help you to calculate how much alcohol is needed, bring the alcohol of your choice, set up, serve, and tear down. Plus, we’ll take back any of the unopened alcohol bottles, which will NOT be charged to you. You only pay for alcohol bottles that are opened.


Maintenance & Installation

Maintenance & Installation:

Commercial Grade Kegerators

Commercial Grade Kegerators: