Spindrift Staycation Seltzer Variety (12 Pack)

About This Item

Variety spiked seltzer pack containing 3 cans of each flavor: 

Pineapple: Spindrift Spiked Pineapple is a tropical vacation for your taste buds. It’s like paradise in a can, refreshingly delicious and made with ripe, juicy Costa Rican pineapples.

Mango: We start with spiked sparkling water, add a touch of Alphonso mango puree and a splash of orange juice and viola, it's the undeniably delicious combination that we call Spindrift Spiked Mango.

Lime: Spindrift Spiked Lime uses real squeezed juice from the best tasting, ripest California limes - never from concentrate. Isn’t it time someone used real limes in lime spiked sparkling water? We did, and this one is a crisp palette pleaser.

Half & Half: This delicious combination of real-squeezed lemon juice and real brewed Argentinian black tea comes together as Spindrift Spiked Half & Half. It’s the refreshing beverage you’ll want to crack open before the 18th hole on a hot summer’s day.

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