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Shipping From $19.99 - Free Shipping on Orders $350+ - With Code: Freeship


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At Keg N Bottle, we offer reliable maintenance and installation of kegerators and jockey boxes in San Diego. Whether you need a kegerator part replaced or seek CO2 refills, we are your go-to team for residential and commercial kegerator and jockey box upkeep.

Keg N Bottle's Kegerator Maintenance in San Diego

Our team members are experts at maintaining kegerators and jockey boxes. Our residential and commercial kegerator maintenance services include:

  • Line cleaning
  • Beer line and air line replacement
  • Double or triple towers upgrades
  • Nitro upgrades
  • CO2 leak repairs
  • CO2 refills
  • Kegerator configuration upgrades

Please note that we do not service refrigeration systems, only kegerators and jockey boxes. If you are looking to upgrade your kegerator configuration or simply need routine maintenance, we can help. Request a quote or give us a call at (619) 265-0482.

Our Kegerator Maintenance Process

It’s simple to get your jockey box or kegerator repaired. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Tell us your maintenance needs: Call us at (619) 265-0482 or request a quote on our website.
  2. Choose on-site or off-site service: You have the choice tor bring the kegerator or jockey box to one of our locations OR our experts will come to your house or business.
  3. Receive a quote: Once we know the information from Steps 1 and 2, we might ask a few more questions. Then, we’ll give you a quote (please note that fees are predicated on distance of travel and time for repair). Quotes are a minimum of $50.

After you place your maintenance request, we’ll service your kegerator in 2-3 business days. It’s that simple!

Our Kegerator Installation Services

We perform kegerator installation services throughout Southern California! From installing the towers to getting your kegerator fully up and running, our team will completely assemble and install your kegerator at your home or business.

Interested in purchasing a kegerator? As a partner of the Beverage Factory, we also offer top-of-the-line kegerator equipment at great prices. We make it easy to purchase a kegerator and have it installed with just one order.

Kegerator Conversion Services

If you don’t have a kegerator and would like to convert your fridge into one, we can do that too! It’s a highly requested service that we are proud to provide. Here’s how our kegerator conversion services work:

  1. Tell us your maintenance needs: Call us at (619) 265-0482 or request a quote on our website.
  2. Receive a quote: Once we have the information we need, we might ask a few more questions. Then, we’ll give you a quote.
  3. Schedule your service: We’ll schedule a day and time for your service, and one of our experts will come out and perform the service, typically within 2 or 3 business days.

We also rent kegerators and jockey boxes! To learn more, head to our Kegerator and Jockey Box Rental Page.

Get More Information About Maintenance & Installation

We’re happy to give more information or set up a service. Simply give us a call at 619-265-0482 or directly call the San Diego location closest to you.

Or, request a quote

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