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Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping* on Orders $350+* With Code: Freeship
Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping* on Orders $350+* With Code: Freeship

All-Inclusive Party Services

Serving Southern California & San Diego County. Request A Quote Or, call (619) 265-0482

Keg N Bottle is your one stop shop for beverages, bartending and catering. Whether you’re throwing a small party or hosting a huge event, we’re here to help with our All-Inclusive Party Service options in San Diego County.

We offer an incredible selection of kegs, wines, spirits, as well as services like catering, alcohol delivery and bartending.

Just pick and choose what beverages, equipment rentals, and/or catering services you need. Let us help you customize your event! Choose from:

  • Kegs (Over 1,400 options, including popular local craft beers)
  • Alcohol & Spirits (Over 10,000 types to choose from)
  • Kegerators and jockey boxes for rent (For beer, wine, or sodas)
  • Delivery (Yes, we’ll deliver directly to you. Just tell us where to go!)
  • Professional bartending & bar services
  • All the beverage accessories you may need:
  • Full-service catering from top quality catering partners:

Drink wise, we can bring all the alcohol and provide the experienced, talented bartender(s) to serve drinks everyone will love. You only pay for the bottles opened; we take back the rest. Simple. No hassle.

If you don’t need a bartender, no problem. You can rent kegerators and jockey boxes for low rates. These are great, mobile ways to serve you and your guests fresh, cold beer.

Beer wise, we sell over a 100 kegs a week - guaranteeing we have the freshest beer possible. If you do find a better deal, we will match the price AND give you 20 lbs. of free ice.

Food wise, we can provide high quality catering for an easy, all-inclusive rate. We would do this with one of our partners:

  • El Toro del Cerro (Mouth-watering Mexican cuisine)
  • KnB Bistro & Bar (Artisanal bistro cuisine, from salads & burgers to salmon and NY steak)

You let us know the number of guests and what you need for the event; we’ll walk you through our delicious catering options and get you a quote. Or, feel free to call us at (619) 265-0482.

More About Our Kegerators and Jockey Boxes

We deliver kegerators, perfect for events like weddings and corporate functions, directly to you. Just let us know how many types of beer you want, and we’ll provide the best possible kegerator - and kegs as needed. We have both a Kegerator Single Tower and a Kegerator on Wheels with a Triple Faucet. We can also add tandem lines.

For those interested in a more mobile option, we suggest the Jockey Box. This is a type of cold plate cooler; a portable draft beer system that you hook up to dispense a keg. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hook up the jockey box to the keg
  2. Fill the cooler unit with ice and water
  3. Turn on the gas
  4. Pour ICE COLD BEER like a professional bartender

This is ideal for delivering fresh, bar-status beer at an outdoor event like tailgating. No electricity required.

Below are our rates for renting kegerators and renting jockey boxes. (There are deposit fees** on top of these prices, as well. However, you will get your deposit money back when the equipment returned in good order within 2 days.)

  • Hand Pump: $15.99
  • Single Jockey Box Pump: $79.99
  • Double Jockey Box Pump: $89.99
  • Triple Jockey Box Pump: $99.99
  • Additional tandem lines (ask for details): $10 each
  • Stainless Steel Double Jockey Box Pump: $119.99
  • Stainless Steel Triple Jockey Box Pump: $139.99
  • Kegerator Single Tower: $119.99
  • Kegerator Double Tower: $129.99
  • Kegerator Triple Tower: $139.99

**Deposit fees range between $60 and $800 depending on the type of rental. This is money that will be fully returned if rented item is returned safely within 2 days.

For Keg or Jockey Box Rentals, call (619) 265-0482



  • Hand Pump: $15.99
  • Single Jockey Box Pump: $79.99
  • Double Jockey Box Pump: $89.99
  • Triple Jockey Box Pump: $119.99
  • Kegerator Single Tower: $119.99
  • Kegerator Double Tower: $129.99
  • Kegerator Single Tower: $139.99
  • Additional tandem lines (ask for details) $15


We’re happy to give more information or take your order. Simply give us a call at (619) 265-0482 or click below to request a quote.

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