Woodinville Cask Strength Bourbon (Spicy Bee’s Knees!) - The Bourbon Judge & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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As my first official Bourbon Judge barrel pick, I wanted to go with a selection that
represents everything I enjoy about bourbon. I have been a big fan of Woodinville
Whiskey Co. since the start of my bourbon journey. The story behind how this craft distillery takes their time, demonstrates patience, and puts in an unbelievable effort into making some of the best whiskey in the U.S., is something that is admired by myself and their consumers. It’s reflected by the deep, sweet, yet bold rollercoaster of a ride their bourbon takes you on.

In May 2022, I and a few Bourbon Judge patrons had the opportunity to select our
first barrel pick with Woodinville Whiskey Co. Thanks to patrons Toni, Jonathan,
Nestor, Brad, and Chris for your excellent input. We had such a great time!
If I had the opportunity to name this, it would be called “Spicy Bee’s Knees!”
I hope you enjoy my first barrel selection as much as I do! Cheers!

Distilled and aged in Washington, Aged 5 1/2 years, Barrel # 7028, 115.36 Proof /
57.68% ABV.


  • Nose: Carmel and honey forward, followed by raspberry and blackberries. Peppery notes are offset by deep dark chocolate-covered raisins. Hidden in the background are notes of light tobacco and cinnamon.
  • Palate: This is a sweet and spicy whiskey. Initial thoughts are the raspberries and honey notes are intertwined and layered well with the brown sugar. The spiciness of the pepper cuts the sweetness.
  • Finish/Final Thoughts: Extremely rich and well-rounded. This whiskey is even better than when we first picked it! After it opens, it goes from a home run to a grand slam!

BARREL SELECTION VIDEO:  The Bourbon Judge Youtube Channel (May 11th, 2022)

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