Return Policy

Our Return Policy

Per California state law, alcohol may NOT be returned.

Our goal is that all our customers are satisfied with their orders. Should you need to return an item, or ordered something by error, we can substitute it prior to it being packaged. Please contact our Customer Service department at (619) 265 0482.

What happens if my package is undeliverable?

If the carrier is unable to deliver your package because you were not at the address, or the address is undeliverable, and the package is ultimately returned to Keg N Bottle, there will be a 10% restocking fee.

Cancelation Policy?

If you change your mind and want to cancel you will be charged a 10% cancelation fee. It doesn't make us happy to charge this, and the fee doesn't even cover our customer acquisition cost from Google. It helps share the burden especially if it is no fault of ours that you would like to cancel the order.

If  your order is already processed and awaiting to be shipped out, you will also be charged the 10% restocking fee.

Contact or call (619) 920 8669 for specific information on any additional questions. 


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