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1-Hour Delivery in San Diego county!

ABOUT KNB Rancho Santa Fe

Our Rancho Santa Fe Keg n Bottle is now open! Tucked away in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, near Fairbanks Ranch and just up the road from Black Mountain Ranch and Torrey Pines, this Keg n Bottle is your one-stop-shop for premium spirits in Rancho Santa Fe. We have a wide range of wine, beer, liquor, and spirits, with an emphasis in rare, specialty liquors from all over the world. Like the other KnB locations, you will also find a premium wine selection and a variety of high-end premium spirits.

**Stay tuned for information on upcoming weekly tastings, and fun special events at Keg n Bottle Rancho Santa Fe!

At this Rancho Santa Fe location, we offer:

  • Jockey box rentals
  • Kegerator rentals
  • Co2 refills
  • Beverage catering and bartenders for hire
  • San Diego craft spirits
  • Walk-In Cigar humidor

Whether you are grabbing kegs for a nearby barbecue or picking up a few bottles of wine for a Rancho Santa Fe dinner party, Keg n Bottle has you covered!.

If you’re located in San Diego, we are proud to offer 1-Hour delivery as Amazon’s exclusive liquor partner in San Diego County! This Keg n Bottle also offers alcohol delivery through:

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