10th Street American Whisky Single Malt 750ml

About This Item

Nose: Vivid citrus, vanilla, and peat on the nose; thick mesquite smoke
Golden in color
Taste buds: Blackberry, brown sugar, honey, and molasses; bran cereal, burning chocolate; sweet high notes of blackberry, brown sugar, honey, and molasses
Finish: On the sides and back of the tongue, it's smooth and lingering.
44 percent alcohol by volume

Distiller's Cut is a malt connoisseur's dream come true. For our boldest, smokiest whiskey, we use all copper stills, imported Scottish barley, and age it in bourbon barrels, as per Old World custom. Although offering a woody, earthy, and smoky quote, this Scottish American fusion hints of citrus and berry.

Peat level: Medium 

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