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$19.99 Flat Rate Shipping - Free Shipping on All Orders $250+

1757 Vermouth di Torino Rosso (1 L)

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A flawless vermouth, created to tribute Cinzano’s founding fathers, who started their legacy in 1757: it showcases the finest aromatics blend of the Italian tradition, highlighting herbs, spices, flowers and fruits that create a harmonious and complex flavor.

A mouth-warming flavor of dried fig that reveals hints of spices (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon) and woods (roots and barks such as licorice), smoothed with vanilla and absinthe, with a long bittersweet end, characteristic of Piedmont wormwood, and amber resin memories.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Color: Reddish brown with amber reflections.
  • Nose: Complex spiced, wood, and root notes open to vanilla, dried fruits and floral wormwood.
  • Taste: Dried fig, spices and woods rounded with hints of vanilla. Long bittersweet finish with amber resin.
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