Amaras Mezcal Joven Espadin (750mL)

About This Item

Mezcal Amores (Or Amaras as it's known in the U.S.) focuses heavily on terrior and it shows in their
product. Their unending insistence on finding the right time and place is something that makes their
Mezcals unique. Mezcal Amores believes that humans should benefit from the ecosystem by keeping it in
balance. Their mission is to create a network in which we all become part of oneself: we establish a mutual
help for a better future. As of 2017, they had over 145,000 agave in their nurseries and they have a goal
of planing ten agaves for every one agave they harvest. They also promote horizontal growth of their
mezcal production across several different producers and they provide micro-loans to mezcaleros who
wish to upgrade their equipment. 15% of the net profit of the company goes back to sustainability
projects every year. Is made organically through 100% natural fermentation.

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