American Born Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750 ml)

About This Item

American whiskey is the world’s most rebellious spirit, born in a country founded on struggle. Through years of threat and unfair taxation, production continued with fists and glasses raised high.

American born whiskey pays homage to our country’s 1783 independence with 83 stars on our letterpress label and “don’t tread on me” rally cry and trademark.

American born whiskey is more than a process, it’s a distillation and celebration of the american spirit that still lives on today.

Try it neat or on the rocks, either way, drink to victory.

A proprietary blend of corn and rye grains provides an authentic old world flavor. Never chill-filtered. Our authentic process embraces the character and leaves the finished product and flavor "as is". Smooth and balanced with hints of vanilla and oak that finish with a light rye spice. 

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