Arette Fuerte Tequila 750 ml

About This Item

The Orendain family produces Arette, a Tequila brand. The new master distillers are the fifth generation of tequila producers. Arette has often prioritized quality over quantity, retaining the original artisanal traditions, and is made entirely from estate-grown lowlands Agave. After 15 hours of roasting, the agave is shredded and fermented for 6-7 days in the distillery's original cement vat with a special house yeast, before being pot distilled and double-filtered before bottling.
This Blanco "Fuerte" term is bottled at 101 proof for a punchier, louder spirit, ideal for cocktailing or for those who just want more from their Tequila. Cooked agave, vegetal grass, and cinnamon aromas are followed by a major agave flavor, an oily grass part, and black pepper on the palate. Butterscotch, baking spice, and licorice flavor the finish, which is mildly spicy.
  • 50.5% Abv
  • 100% Blue Agave

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