Don Lorenzo Mezcal Cuishe (750 ml, 1.75 L)

About This Item

We are committed to creating educating and sharing the finest agave spirits available. We have the upmost admiration and respect for all the hard working farmers, family palenques, distillery’s and support staff in the creation of these iconic spirits. The  art, food and  fiestas represent the beauty of a proud culture and heritage.

Uniquely made with wild cuishe agave, giving it its distinctive smoky and spice flavor. The intensely flavored "fire water" makes Don Lorenzo a potent change from ordinary tequila. 

  • PALENQUE LOCATION - Matatlan, Oaxaca 
  • DISTILLER - Albaro Hernandez, Armando Hernandez :
  • ROASTING - Stone lined pit - Red Oak :
  • EXTRACTION - Cantera Tahona : WATER - Natural Spring :
  • FERMENTATION - Terroir Influenced Natural :
  • DISTILLATION - Double, Copper Alembic, still strength

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