George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey & Remus Repeal Reserve VI Straight Bourbon Whiskey Combo Pack (2x 750mL)

About This Item

  • Remus Repeal Reserve V: This is the brand's second straight blended bourbon release in honor of the ending of Prohibition. The straight bourbons are created from two high-rye mash bills and distilled at MGP in Indiana.
  • George Remus Straight Bourbon: The bootlegger's king. So, what will my inscription be on my tombstone? It'll probably be King of the Bootleggers. - George Remus, maybe in the 1920s. George Remus went from pharmacist to kingpin in one of Prohibition's most complex and profitable bootlegging organizations. With a trace of vanilla, a maple fragrance, and a sweet-yet-distinctive rye flavor, George Remus Bourbon embodies the rebellious spirit of the time.

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