Curado Espadin Tequila Blanco (750 ml)

About This Item

Curado is created by using a blanco Tequila from the Highlands of Jalisco as a canvas, then we infuse the liquid with pieces of cooked Agave. At first the infusions only used Blue Agave from the state of Jalisco, but the project soon evolved to include other varieties of Agave from other regions of Mexico. We want to build bridges, not walls.

Curado Espadin begins as Tequila Ocho Blanco and then undergoes a 5 day infusion process where we steep roasted Espadin, a Mezcal Agave plant from the state of Oaxaca, into the Blanco Tequila giving the final product a golden hue

Tasting Notes: Bright nose with orange and citrus peels and warm baking spices along with a rich Agave presence with honey and butter brickle (chocolate covered toffee) that match each other in intensity, each taking their turn to lead. Lemons and limes upon first sip with the support of vanilla which evolves into marzipan lusciousness along with sweet cocoa, earthiness and acacia honey with a hint of sweet smoke. It shows a great freshness and maturity with intoxicating notes of citrus, roasted agave and salinity.

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