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Darjeeling Gin 750 ml

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Tasting Notes

The nose of Darjeeling Gin mildly exotic, with hints of earl grey tea, pecan sandies, cardamom, and cinnamon sugar. Slight hints of citrus on the edges lending a lemon flavored, sweetened tea sort of note. Really interesting, but quite inviting.

The palate is quite complex, with a lot of affects swirling about: slightly smoky, black tea leaves with a floral lavender-led and citrus undertone—grapefruit oil and lemon peel primarily. Juniper with a slight pine bent comes on early-mid to mid palate. The overall profile is incredibly aromatic as it crosses the palate. Very long finish, cardamom, black peppercorns, green tea, even a hint of something minty. The overall quality of the base spirit is quite smooth as well, with a pleasant warmth that never rises above that.

Overall, taste-wise it’s quite unique and interesting. Although juniper doesn’t come through as loudly as some of the other notes, it’s readily apparent that it is indeed a gin.

Overall, Darjeeling Gin

Darjeeling Gin is strikingly aromatic and nicely balanced, the palate is a pageant of vibrant full bodied spice, citrus zests and the comforting warmth fresh brewed tea. Fans of contemporary gins will find a versatile cocktail gin that always brings its perspective; fans of classic gins may find it pushes the envelope, but it does so in ways that respect the style’s roots. Give it a try in a Martini or Hot Toddy no matter what your gin preferences are.

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