Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum 750ML

About This Item

• Multiple styles of rums are blended together to achieve maximum complexity
and flavor, with styles including pot distilled vs. column distilled, maturation
time, ester levels, and fermentation time.
• The blend includes 60% Worthy Park Estates & New Yarmouth 8 year Jamaican
pot-distilled rum for spicy vanilla notes, 20% Hampden Estates & Clarendon 8
year high-ester Jamaican pot-distilled rum for complex earthy notes, and 20%
Sucrerie-Distillerie Le Galion Martinique 8 year high-ester molasses pot-distilled
rhum grande arome for funky floral notes.
• Blended in collaboration with E&A Scheer, which is based in Amsterdam with a
history going back to 1712 when the company was part of the Dutch West Indies
Trading Company.
• Ideal for use in classic and tiki cocktails, most notably a Mai Tai.
94 POINTS Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Founded by beverage industry veteran Nick Pelis in 2010, Denizen offers award-
winning, historically-inspired rum made by blending the rum from various islands to

create blends that recreate the styles used in classic tiki cocktails. Several styles are
offered in the range, which is created in collaboration with the rum master blenders
at E&A Scheer in Amsterdam. A minimum of three different styles is used in each
expression to achieve maximum complexity and flavor.

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