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Dom Perignon - 2009 Rose Vintage - Champagne

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It reflects a deep impulse to question everything, to embrace risk, experiment freely and to always go further. Dom Pérignon Rosé expresses this timeless desire to explore the edge, harnessing the raw power of the red of the pinot noir grape in a radiant assemblage. Tempered by a slow, masterful transformation during nearly 12 years in the cellar, Dom Pérignon Rosé is a vibrant incarnation of both light and darkness. It embodies dedication to creation as the radical exploration of new possibilities.

Warm, dry and sunny, the summer of 2009 was emblematic of this vintage, where the grapes expressed their full majesty, maturity and richness. It is intimate and caressing, a true embodiment of fruit.

Tasting Notes: After fleeting aromas of rose, orange oil and saffron, the bouquet becomes warmer, dominated by red fruit – raspberry and cherry – then somber touches of cassis and fig. Sweetness ultimately triumphs, with notes of gingerbread and licorice.

The fruit is majestic, ripe, fleshy and profound. After a markedly smooth and round initial mouthfeel, the wine nestles in the heart of the palate, settling with a sort of intimately intense caress. The power is contained, and the dominant impression is consistency. Sapid sensations converge and persist, leaving the memory of their tactile imprint.

Pairing: The Dom Pérignon gastronomic experience radically explores an entire realm of possibilities while revealing the facets of the wine with its unique character and singular personality. To bring out the aromatic nuances of Dom Pérignon Rose Vintage 2009, the chef Alajmo have created a pairing featuring a spicy tarragon risotto with matcha, served with a yellow tomato sorbet and nigella powder. A combination of tastes that reveal the duality of the vintage wine, highlighting its fresh yet earthly notes.

Points: 95, The Wine Advocate

Format/ABV: 750 ml/12.5%

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