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Domaine Gaëlle et Jérôme Meunier - Mercurey

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Overview:  In 2005 Gaëlle et Jérôme Meunier rented their first parcel of vines and so embarked on their path together. The parcel comprised just under two acres in the commune of Bouzeron, and they sold the harvest to the négoce. At the time, Gaëlle was busy as a mother—a son came in 2005; twins arrived in 2006—while Jérôme was busy carefully adding several parcels in Mercurey to their stable of vines. It wasn’t until 2007 that they made and bottled their own wine. They scraped together funds to buy a small building in Mellecey, a village near Mercurey, and they converted it into a winery where they made their first vintage.

What Gaëlle and Jérôme look for in wine is purity of fruit. This comes from two parcels, each with a surface of about two-thirds of an acre, and each with an average vine age of 60 years. They prune these vines diligently in order to get good ripeness so that they don’t have to chaptalize (sometimes they do, but more often than not they don’t). Ferments are spontaneous, aging in barrel is a short eleven months, and use of new wood for their village Mercury represents 10% of the total. This wine is what savory Burgundian Pinot Noir is all about. Production averages 150 cases.

Tasting Notes:  A vin de terroir that emphasizes fruit above all. This wine is what savory Burgundian Pinot Noir is all about.

Pairing:  Duck, goose, and game birds


Format / ABV: 750 ml / 13

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