Dos Alas Reposado Tequila 750 ml

About This Item

  • 50% Abv
  • Color: Golden Straw-Colored Hues, With Good Transparancy, Brightness And Cleanliness.
  • Nose: Aromatic Notes Of Fine Woods, Almonds And Walnuts, Spicy Notes Of Pepper, Nutmeg, With Hint Of Vanilla And Cinnamon.
  • Palate: Pleasant With A Continuous Duration, Gently Impacting Sensitive Areas, Perceiving The Sweetness From The Agave. The Flavors Projecting A Soft, Warm And Harmonious Profile With Connotations Of Quality That May Be Awarded As A Result Of Diligent Process And Patience In The Rest.
  • Finish: Pleasant, Rounded, And Moderately Lingering.

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