El Silencio Mezcal Joven (750 ml)

About This Item

El Silencio Joven is a blend made with maguey Mexicano, Tobasiche, and Espadin. El Silencio is yet another brand with mezcal engineered by master Mezcalero Pedro Hernandez. He makes some other fantastic mezcal for other brands as well. The maguey Mexicano, Tobasiche, and Espadin are all cooked, fermented, and distilled separately. After distillation, they’re blended together to make the final product. The Mexicano and Tobasiche are both only distilled once, while the Espadin is double-distilled.

Tasting Notes: El Silencio Joven has aromas of sundried vegetables, leather, dried fruit, and sweet smoke. It tastes of white pepper, jasmine, and fennel, and it has a slightly charred finish.

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