Elijah Craig Straight Rye (750mL)

About This Item

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is a widely distributed bourbon that is typically readily available and generally well-known. In October 2019, Heaven Hill announced the launch of Elijah Craig Straight Rye, which would be packaged and priced similar to its bourbon counterpart distinguished by new bottle decoration, face, side, and neck labels with green features. According to the company’s press release, “Elijah Craig Rye is made as a traditional American Straight Rye Whiskey with 51% rye, 35% corn and 14% malted barley. This combination of grains, which relies heavily on corn as the secondary grain rather than a higher percentage of rye, has been the primary Rye mashbill used by Kentucky Bourbon distilleries since taking over virtually all American Rye production post-Prohibition; the same mashbill directly responsible for the Rye resurgence seen today." This will be an ongoing nationwide release.

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