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Erstwhile Mezcal Cuishe Limited Edition (750 ml)

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An herbal, easy drinking mezcal from the Agave karwinskii family. This Cuishe mezcal has a bit of kick to it with notes of jalapeño pepper, clove and cinnamon.

Master Mezcalero: Juan Hernández Méndez & Hortensia Hernández Martínez
NOM: NOM-0496X
Agave Varietal: Cuishe
Scientific Name: Agave karwinskii
Town / Municipality: Santiago Matatlán
State: Oaxaca
Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation in Wood
Still Type: Copper Alembic
Date of Distillation: December 2017
Number of Liters in Distillation: 200 Liters
ABV: 45%

Tasting Notes:

Lovely nutty, earthy nose.  On the palate, this mezcal has a bit of kick to it with notes of jalapeño pepper and spices.  Banana and chipotle follow through with a hint of cinnamon sticks, clove, and bitter melon.

Cuishe (Agave karwinskii)

Cuishe is a wild agave from the Agave karwinskii family.  Like all agaves from this family, Cuishe is distinctive for its height and tall cylindrical stalk, with slim agave leaves spreading outward at the top of the plant.

Cuishe will take about 9 to 12 years to fully mature.  When ready for harvesting, the oblong piña can be difficult to harvest due to its height relative to the ground.  Another quality unique to Cuishe mezcals is that in addition to the piñas, the stalks are also typically included in the roasting and fermentation, which can dramatically influence the flavor profile.

Cuishe often produces a dry, gassy, and herbaceous mezcal with notes of pepper and spice.  You may recognize some other agaves from the Agave karwinskii family: Cirial, Tobasiche, Barril, Bicuishe, and Madrecuishe.

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