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Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping* on Orders $350+* With Code: Freeship

Facundo Exquisito Rum (750 mL)

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Tasting notes
Aroma: Definitive yet delicately balanced, with nuances of vanilla,
walnut, and sweet sherry notes on a toasted oak base
Palate: A rich, mellow character with robust notes of vanilla,
dried raisins and apricots, and a hint of butterscotch
Color: Light cherrywood
Finish: A long, full and toasty mellow-oak finish
ENJOYMENT: Neat, or poured over a sphere of ice

FACUNDO EXQUISITOTM Exquisito, which means “exquisite,” gets its name from its very delicate,
exquisite nature — a sublime, very rare, balanced rum.
Exquisito embodies the culture, music and fashion of Havana’s heyday,
when nightlife ruled supreme and Cuba offered weary Americans a
brief respite from Prohibition. The decoration on the Exquisito bottle
celebrates the culture, the music, the style and the vivaciousness of
this golden era.
Sublimely smooth and effortlessly drinkable, Exquisito gains its suave,
sociable character from a handpicked, premier blend of rums, ranging
in age from seven to 23 years old. Many of the medium- to high-bodied
rums are filtered over activated charcoal before they are aged in oak
barrels. Following the ageing process, Exquisito is finished in sherry
casks, lending the rum an incomparably mellow profile.

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