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Shipping From $19.99 - Free Shipping on Orders $350+ - With Code: Freeship

FEW Bottled in Bond Bourbon (750 ml)

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The 1893 Chicago world’s fair preceded the us bottle-in-bond act by 4 years in 1897.  This whiskey is bottled under the struct rules of the act, which was essentially America’s first consumer protection law and guarantee of quality.  The release of this bourbon coincides with the 125th anniversary of the passage of that act.  Bottled at 50% alc. / vol., distilled in the same season at few, and aged a minimum of four years in American oak in a federally bonded warehouse, few bottled in bond bourbon features the beloved spice of few straight bourbon, with cherry, smoked vanilla, oak and caramel undertones. 

We do NOT currently ship to the following states: AK / HI / MA / MI / MS / OK / SD / TN / UT

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