Fortunate Son - The Diplomat - Red Blend

About This Item

Overview: Fortunate Son is the culmination of more than two decades searching for small jewel vineyards and the fruit from them, handcrafted in the same, meticulous way as Hundred Acre. The 2018 vintage of Fortunate Son was made at Hundred Acre’s underground winery: The RING. In the future, Fortunate Son will be craed at our new
winery: The Fortunate Son Winery at the Historic David Fulton Vineyard Established in 1860.

Sourced from small, family vineyards, (in some cases for 3-4 generations) that are farmed with great care and attention. These vineyards (some are 80+ years old) have been brought together, actually woven together, so the magical fruit could at last become Fortunate Son.

Composition - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a very small fraction of Petite Sirah.

Tasting Notes: A combination of varietals that create power, intricacy and elegance combined. This is a wine which Winston Churchill would have been drinking whilst insulting Hitler or some pandering moron. The wine is dark and rich. It is not for the faint of heart and may induce amorous feelings towards others, so only enjoy with very close friends.

Pairing:  Slow braised venison, grilled lamb, gorgonzola cranberry salad.

Points: 96, Lisa Perrotti-Brown

Format/ABV: 750 ml

In certain circumstances, a specific vintage may not be available. If this is the case, a comparable vintage of the same wine will be substituted for online orders. If shopping in store, please check the bottle for the appropriate vintage. If you have a question about a specific vintage that is in stock, please email

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