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Shipping From $19.99 - Free Shipping on Orders $350+ - With Code: Freeship

Fuego Y Humo Wild Tobala Mezcal (750 ml)

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Sharing, educating and celebrating artisanal, small-batch and delicious mezcal. 100% pure agave transformed by fire and smoke, crafted by tradition. From Oaxaca to you.

Fuego Y Humo, which means “fire and smoke”, pays homage to the "spirit of the mezcal"; two elements that transform the agave into this delightful and time-honored spirit of Mexico.

The "friendliest" of all our offerings, Fuego Y Humo's wild tobalà is the perfect introduction for those familiar with tequila spirits, but curious to explore mezcal.

Tasting Notes: Slightly sweeter and creamier than the espadìn, this gentle but fun tobalà wins our "best personality" award with tasters thus far. According to one enthusiastic fan - "It’s like floating on a cloud in the tropics"

While carrying the distinctive sweet and woody characteristics one would expect from a tobalà, it boasts even stronger notes including sweet cream frosting throughout the smell and taste.

Dessert wine and red licorice on the nose with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and white chocolate on the palate. A woody finish. Soft and luscious mouthfeel throughout.

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