Greenbar Organic City Bright Gin (750 ML)

About This Item

Taste the flavors of Los Angeles — from the aromatic herbs of East and South Asia to the floral & earthy flavors of Mexico and the Middle East. This is how Angelenos eat. CITY Bright gin brings these bold, warm flavors to the world. Bottled at 42% ABV.

How to use: Play with bold ingredients. Pair with amaro and vermouth for an updated Negroni or introduce to tonic water for a refreshing and easy drink with distinction.

CITY Bright Gin ingredients: Organic juniper berries, ancho chiles, angelica, basil, California bay, cardamom, cassia, coriander, cubeb, black cumin, fennel, grapefruit, lemon balm, lemon, lemongrass, kaffir lime, lime, pink peppercorn, Sichuan peppercorn, peppermint, spearmint, star anise

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