Jim Beam Double Oak 750 ML

About This Item

There's an old axiom that claims "Two heads are better than one". Can that theory be transferred to whiskey barrels? Jim Beam's Double Oak might answer that question. You see, they initially mature this bourbon in freshly charred American oak barrels, and then move the whiskey over to a fresh set of freshly charred American oak barrels for the second part of its maturation!

A worthy replacement for the now discontinued Jim Beam Black.

Tasting Notes: 


  • Nose: Full-bodied vanilla, old oak, milk chocolate and a kick of cardamom.
  • Palate: Subtly peppery/oak-y at first. Soon enough, waves and waves of vanilla ice cream bring balance to the palate. A few touches of fruity malt.
  • Finish: Charred oak toastiness lingers long on the finish.


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