Magellan Gin 750 ml

About This Item

Magellan's Gin was inspired by the spices brought back on the Victoria, the only ship to return to Spain without the Portuguese traveler after embarking on its expedition around-the-world in 1519

At its base is a neutral grain spirit, triple-distilled from a mash of wheat harvested in the Beauce Valley of France, where it is made. During the fourth distillation, 11 botanicals are infused - French juniper berries, cloves, Sri Lankan cinnamon, cassia from Indochina, Mexican orange peel, Moroccan coriander, licorice from China, West African grains of paradise, Indian cardamom, Indonesian nutmeg, and Italian iris root and flower. The inclusion of iris gives this gin a distinctive blue coloring. It is bottled at 44% ABV.

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