MalaSanta Mezcal Tobala (750 ml)

About This Item

Malasanta Mezcal was created to give tribute to the city of Aguascalientes and its rich history with respect to Calavera Garbancera or La Catrina. We pay homage to the past, present and future female mezcalerias, bootleggers, artists, activists and anyone who has the courage to stand up to oppression and fight for equality.

Mezcal often called “the elixir of gods” because it is rumored that a lightning bolt hit an agave plant, cooking the heart (pina) and releasing the sacred liquid. It’s origins date back to ancient times in Mesoamerica, where agave spirits were already being produced, Pre-Columbian era.

Tasting Notes: Very fresh and aromatic, tones of wood, straw, wild grasses and sweet tones with a hint of spice.

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