Malgra Bevicisu Bianco (750 ml)

About This Item

Malgra winery is located in Mombaruzzo in the heart of Monferrato.​Giorgio Chiarle founded Malgra in the mid-1990’s when he broke away from the family business who had been vintners in Piedmont for over 100 years.​ Malgra believes in and operates according to the principles of integrated agriculture, a virtuous practice that guarantees consumer health and lays a solid foundation for protecting the environment and developing the viticultural landscape.​This wine is born from the union of two appreciated white vines, which can be found at their best in some areas in southern Piedmont.  The soils and microclimates of Roero, Langhe and​
Monferrato do the rest.  The result is a pleasant wine in its elegance, a white harmonious and with character.​

  • Vintage 2019 (DOC)
  • Bevicisu is conviviality, sharing stories, friendship, happiness, pleasure and above all else the desire to be together.
  • Blend: 65% Chardonnay, 35% Sauvignon
  • Tasting Notes:dry, fresh, pleasantly harmonious. Perfect for a warm summer day.
  • Pairings:great as an aperitif or with starters, pasta, risotto, shellfish and fish dishes.
  • Format/ABV: 750ml/13.5% ABV

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