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Mezan Guyana 2005 Rum (750 ml)

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Produced at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana. This rum was distilled in the famous old Port Mourant Stills which were transferred to Diamond when the old distillery closed, based on the original distillery designs from the 1700’s. These wooden double pot stills feed into a rectifying or retort chamber, which leads to a heavy bodied Demerara rum with considerable ester levels and a rich fruity character. All the rums are fermented with the distiller’s own yeast.

Tasting Notes: Estery green bananas and lychees, fresh grassy notes wrapped with a light caramel cream. Very light oak with a touch of cedar. Rounded with some unexpected sweetness, a developing palate of capsicum and fresh vanilla pod.
How to Enjoy: We suggest you savor them plain, dry and untouched. By tasting them neat, you can fully appreciate every drop of Mezan rum.

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