Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin (1L)

About This Item

Monkey 47 adds to the bottom line!
Here’s what raises it above others
in the category:
1) Cult Following – Monkey 47’s fans are
passionate, asking local bars and stores to special order
it since its US launch 4 years ago. They love sharing it
with family and friends.
2) 47 Botanicals – While other gins have 4-9,
Monkey 47 is known for its distinct number of
botanicals – fans says the result is “like a symphony.”
3) THE Top Shelf Gin – Monkey 47 is made in
small batches with the highest quality ingredients. It is a
modern-style gin different from American, London dry
or Old Tom gins.
4) Distinct Packaging – Bartenders and consumers
love showing off this bottle to family and friends. Our
brown bottle blocks UV rays and the high-quality cork
prevents aging!

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