Montanaro Vermouth di Torino Bianco (750 ml)

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About This Item

Obtained from the original Montanaro recipe, which uses the addition of sweet and bitter orange instead of lemon or other citrus botanicals USED , this makes it sweet and soft in the mouth, following the trend of today’s consumer. You can perceive the balsamic notes of Aloe and Myrh and the spicy notes of Licorice that balance with the herbaceous-bitter notes given by botanicals including Rhubarb and Gentian. In combination with Absinthe, ‘Achillea Moscata’ it cleanses the palate and creates an interesting contrast between sour and sweet.

The alcohol content is 16° and the sugar content of 160 grams/litre which is the minimum to be regulated to enhance the possibility of mixing without appearing too sweet.

Other than the classic White Spritz it goes well ON ITS OWN on the rocks as it was drunk in the seventies.

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