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Nankai Shochu Vacuum-Distilled Soju (750 ML)

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Nankai Shochu is exclusively produced on Amami Island, a land rich with tradition and found off the Southwestern coast of Japan. Vacuum distilled from selected rice and premium "Kokuto" - Amami's masterfully aged, Nankai is full-flavored and smooth. Enjoy chilled neat, on the rocks, or with your favorite cocktail. Bottled at 24% ABV.

What is Shochu?
Relatively unknown in the U.S., shochu is a single-distilled
spirit that has been around since the 1500s. Complex and
versatile, it has outsold sake over the past decade. One
reason for shochu’s popularity is that it has zero carbs
and lower calories than sake, making it a healthier option
for people. Thanks to special enzymes, shochu is also
known to reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease.

Nankai Shochu
Nankai, which translates to “the South Sea,” is inspired by
the clear blue waters of Amami Oshima, an island paradise
off the southwestern coast of Japan.
A vacuum-distilled shochu made from carefully selected
sugarcane and rice, Nankai is handcrafted and masterfully
aged exclusively in Amami.

Why Nankai?
Besides tasting fantastic, here are some other reasons
why people love us:
• Nankai is gluten-free because rice and sugarcane are
naturally without gluten.
• Nankai has no sugar because it’s distilled.
• Shochu has lower calories per serving than sake
or vodka.
• Nankai is vacuum-distilled and carefully aged. The
result makes Nankai crisp, fragrant, and easier to drink
than traditional shochus made from sweet potato
or barley.

Shochu, or soju, is distilled and therefore sugar-free. Also, compared to other alcoholic beverages, shochu has a lower calorie count per serving. Backed by medical research in Japan, shochu has a reputation for being a healthy drink among the Japanese.

Nankai Shochu is vacuum-distilled, meaning there’s no heat-related degradation of the Amami brown sugarcane and rice, and carefully aged for three years. The result is a fresh, clean, and vibrant shochu with notes of pear that is smooth and easy to drink.

Nankai Shochu is all-natural and versatile:
Best served chilled or on the rocks. Mixes well with everything, including juice, green tea, and tonic water.

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