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Nordés Atlantic Gin (750 ml)

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Nordés Atlantic Gin is the #1 selling premium gin in Spain, hand crafted with indigenous botanicals grown in the wild forests and coastlines of Galicia. With its aromatic floral and botanical aromas and natural salinity, Nordés is perfect for elegant cocktails and paired with a variety of dishes.

Nordés is a gin containing 11 botanicals, all macerated and distilled separately. 6 of these botanicals are native to Galicia, including Salicornia, a type of sea vegetable that gives the spirit its salinity and maritime character. Albariño is a large component of the base distillate, giving Nordés a fresh, smooth, aromatic profile. Nordés was developed by a master mixologist and a chef, making it great for pairing with food by design. Nordés can play with many foods, but some favorite pairings are: tapas, ceviches and sushi, Spanish conservas, and even fresh pineapple.

92 Points, Wine Enthusiast

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