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Shipping From $19.99 - Free Shipping on Orders $350+ - With Code: Freeship

Nulu Single Barrel Toasted Bourbon Whiskey (NULU NIGHT CH.2) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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OVERVIEW:  Posted on Patreon 06/24/2022

We tasted through 5 x 21% MGP barrels and they just got better as they went. I promise we went back and tasted them all a second time just to make sure. Then we got to taste some of the finished components to see what we wanted to do with them. We tasted a French oak finish. Then tasted a double oak that was a 36% MGP and another 95/5 rye. This gave us a good idea of what the finishing process can do. After we tasted through those finished versions I asked to try 2 more barrels.

Holy smokes was that ever the right decision! The first barrel we tried was a caramel, buttery, creamy delight. The whole team agreed that was the best barrel out of all of them and it would be a disservice to finish it with anything. We went back to our notes and we all loved #5 and we discussed our options. The consensus was that we should throw it into a medium toast barrel to give it some extra character. Heavy toast or an added Char 3/4 would have been too much.  Excited to be dropping these here in another few months now!  Please enjoy "NULU NIGHT CH.2".


Distilled in Indiana, Age 4.5 years, Barrel B695, Proof 115.4, 57.7% ABV

TASTING NOTES: by Brian Beyke

  • Nose:  The nose is rather complex, especially as it sits out and opens up. candied citrus, oak, spiced clove, cinnamon graham cracker with honey through and through.
  • Palate:  The palate is every bit its proof - warm baking spice coated oak notes, honied cinnamon, and lingering with concentrated sweetness like sugar cane or simple syrup.
  • Finish:  The finish is long with nods to leather, cherry, and to a lesser extent toasted marshmallow the longer it rests on the palate.
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