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Paitin - Sori Paitin - Barbaresco Serraboella

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Overview: Bricco di Neive is located 2 miles South-east of the Commune of Neive, nestled in the picturesque hillside area some 1.000 feet above sea level. The winery started in 1796, when Benedetto Elia purchased 5 acres of vineyard in Bricco di Neive planted in Nebbiolo and Barbera. 30 years later he purchased the house, the cellar and 5 more acres of Nebbiolo.

The wines were sold in barrels for years until his nephew, Giuseppe, in 1890, built the “new” section of the winery, started in the 15th century, and bottled the first Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and Barbera.

The Sorì Paitin belongs to the Pasquero-Elia heirs since 1796. It is the Serraboella warmest slope, graced with unique soils that since ages is planted with Nebbiolo. Sorì means the first place where the snow melts with the first winter sun rays. Ancient rule to select the best plots for Nebbiolo. Serraboella is the most famous cru in the Southern Neive. A long hill exposed to West that gently bends towards South getting steeper. On this very side: the steepest and the warmest, this Barbaresco has a unique expression. Power, volume are laced by an elegant texture. 

Tasting Notes: Precise and of commendable beauty Serraboella in the glass alternates notes of hibiscus, passion flower, geraniums, dehydrated cherries and lemon peel. Medium body, soft tannins of pleasant shape and quality and a finish of good harmony and character.

Pairing: Lamb

Points: 92, Wines Critic

Format / ABV: 750 ml / 14.0%

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