Pike Creek 10 Year Canadian Whisky Rum Finish (750 ml)

About This Item

10 years in a white oak barrel in Canada. The relationship between wood and whisky is dramatically enhanced by special circumstances. Rich aromas of molasses and brown sugar are imparted by aging in rum barrels. At the 2019 WSWA Tasting Competition, it was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Canadian Whiskey. 

Tasting Notes: 

  • Nose: brown sugar, caramel, pepper, faint rye spice, some cardamom, a bit of vanilla, corn cobs.
  • Palate: medium-bodied, vanilla, caramel, plums, a touch of orange zest, a subtle rumminess, old oak, a touch of unsalted butter
  • Finish: short to medium length, vanilla, dark molasses, burnt sugar, rum, raisins, black pepper, oak char

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