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Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping* on Orders $350+* With Code: Freeship

Puntagave Rustico Mezcal 750ML

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Puntagave Rustico Mezcal uses the traditional process of cooking the agave in subterranean pits. To heat the volcanic stones that line the pit, a fire is built and burned for roughly 24 hours. The agave hearts are placed in the pit, which is then covered with moist fiber from the fermentation process. The fibers are covered with agave leaves or woven palm fronds, and the agave heads are left to simmer for two to three days. Patricio Hernandez uses copper pot stills to manufacture this mezcal in Santiago Matalan. With rich smells of fresh green vegetables and hints of pepper, this mezcal offers flavors of mild oak and sweet agave. It has a lengthy, viscous finish with wood and cedar flavors that linger.
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