Sammy's Beach Bar Kola Spiced Rum (750 ml)

About This Item

With Sammy's Beach Bar Kola Spiced Rum, the Rockstar Hagar presents the third rum from his successful range. The vocalist, guitarist and songwriter has enjoyed tremendous success with his own tequila brand Cabo Wabo, and not without reason. His spirits always convince with their high quality, so you should not miss this rum. In his Kola rum, high-quality white rum combines with delicious flavors of Kola nut and more. Do not miss this spirit!

To make Kola Rum, the brand's white rum is used as the basis. The result is a blend that is enriched with fine aromas and the main feature, the kola nut. A touch of vanilla and coffee resonate in the taste. With this rum you can experience not only pure enjoyment, but also the perfect Cuba Libre mix.

Aromas of vanilla, coffee and kola nut met with the best white rum.

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