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Sanctus Aquam Tequila (750 ml)

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The precious liquid in this bottle is more than a super-premium sipping tequila. It is, in a manner of speaking, holy water.

Legend has it that in 1922, a young priest was struggling to maintain a rural orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico’s historic tequila capital. His church had just inherited a small piece of land producing prime blue agave and a small tequila factory from a benefactor.

As fortune would have it, a wealthy American visitor fell in love with the flavor of this small-batch, smooth-and-sweet sipping tequila. She offered to purchase some to take home in order to fund the orphanage.

There was only one problem: it was the height of prohibition, and liquor was illegal in America. So, to get the bottles across the border, the young priest blessed the liquid and labeled it “Sanctus Aquam” (holy water). Thus rechristened, it was easily transported and sold to fortunate socialites in America. The money from the sales kept the orphanage lights on and the doors open for years.

Today, we continue that tradition. All proceeds from every bottle of Sanctus Aquam go to help children in shelters. With every sip, you're giving a child a chance at a better life.

Holy, indeed. ¡Salud!

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