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Coyote Vibora Sotol (750 ml)

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Success in the desert is no small feat. In an environment of heat, lack of food and water, and predators, survivors understand life for what it is: those who adapt are those who win.

Sotol Coyote created a limited expression, Vibora, using ingredients that for millions of years have prevailed in the face of the harsh extremes of the desert. Dasylirion Leiophyllum (Desert Spoon) and rattlesnakes are featured in the distillation process to reflect the inimitable climate and culture of Chihuahua. Vibora means small poisonous snakes. The earth will provide man and animal with what they need; it is up to those to determine how to use its’ gift to their advantage.

Vibora Sotol roasts the harvested piñas in a conical oven with mesquite wood. The second distillation is done with snakes hung in the bell for a distinctive savory finish. The distillate rests for a few days with the cooked sotol piñas and finishes with 2 months aging in prior whiskey casks. Twice distilling refines the earthiness commonly found in sotol.

Tasting Notes: Earthy green flavors of pepper accented with a minerality. Savory, linering finish. Full body, emulating a meatiness.

Sip this sotol to fully acquaint yourself with the culture of Chihuahua. If desired, stir with dry vermouth to create a Chihuahuan Dirty Martini.

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