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Spring 44 Old Tom Gin 750 ml

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Tasting Notes

First, it smells quite citrusy. Notes of orange and grapefruit, along with a hint of juniper and a neutral but characteristic sweetness. Mild, somewhat contemporary with a indistinct but slight floral twinge. Overall, quite nice.

The taste begins slow. Smooth and subtle at first, heat slowly builds on the edges of your mouth. A rich complex floral bouquet comes out, a jammy sweetness towards the end. More specifically, candied rind early, sweet and bright. Warm spice, an edge of coriander here as well. Juniper clearly present in the middle notes where the heat and alcohol come on the strongest. The tail is more complex, with some interesting spicy notes emerging. An herbal spice that reminds me of galangal [only by suggestion, I might have said black pepper and ginger had I not known galangal was in here]. The tail is a bit spicy creamy, with that peppery edge continuing, but with some herbal brightness and the slightest tinge of warm vanilla. Rosemary is definitely recognizable here as well as perhaps something complimentary. Perhaps lemongrass, but mostly just a bright sweet herbal note. Complex with a lot of things going on. Very interesting neat. Not as sweet as you might expect from a sweetened gin though. The sweetness colors the botanicals more than it overrides the gin.

is even quite up front with the botanicals in their Spring 44 Old Tom Gin. which includes Asian contributions such as Galangal and Lemongrass among more expected botanicals such as citrus, coriander and orris root.

Additionally, Spring 44 Old Tom Gin is rested in American Oak barrels after distillation.

Spring 44 makes a line of gins including their main

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