The Walter Collective Navy Gin 750 ml

About This Item

With its powerful proof and twice the soft Italian juniper, The Walter Collective Navy Gin pays proud tribute to our namesake’s military service. Navy Gin? Let us explain. Gin was a valued provision in warships of yore. Gunpowder, too, of course. And when the two inadvertently mixed, 57% was the ABV at which the gunpowder would still ignite. At a full 114 proof, ours is bold, yet smooth, with fresh pine rising above bright citrus and warm spice. And by carrying more essential oils from the botanicals, it more than holds its own against strong mixers.

Tasting Notes ~ Aromatic fresh pine with hints of cinnamon-dusted citrus. (2) Rich, viscous texture with big botanical flavors. Bold, smooth Tuscan-grown juniper and warm cardamom notes. (3) Lingering sweet spiced finish 

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